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Indexfing is a growing Indian food content engine. It provides not only a holistic experience about Indian food and groceries but also free technology support to all those Indian grocery stores and restaurants across globe, starting with US market today. By ensuring business continuity without their hard-earned money into technology development and maintenance, Indexfing acts as an integrator of these stores and their customers by connecting these two groups order food and groceries online free of cost. Indexfing, unlike other food order software or applications, a unique platform in showcasing true stories behind Indian cuisines and the way(s) it's processed and prepared. Indian cuisine is one of the most complex yet easy to prepared if all steps in each recipe in followed in terms of quantity of ingredients used, the order in which it's cooked, and duration within which it's processed in the course of preparation. Missing these factors such as quantity, order, and time is one of the key aspects of a successful Indian recipe of a particular target audience.

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India, as a country and a culture, has been divided for decades and ages yet united by its diversity. Each region, state, and language in the subcontinent cook different foods differently and also cook the same food differently. As mentioned earlier, it's only ingredients, quantity, sequence, and preparation time make each cuisine different and acceptable. 90% of ingredients used in Indian cuisine are locally grown and harvested within India.

Globalization has forced Indian cuisine to adopt to international tastes by adding non-Indian ingredients. Yet the traditional recipe is so rich and stable that inclusion of those non-Indian ingredients doesn't impact or change its original taste, aroma, and feel. That's the real power and flexibility of Indian cuisine!


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